Bending Over TAGS

Carmen Electra bends over backward to get your full attention

Just because she's 41 doesn't mean that she can't form a nice bridge. That's the main point that I'm gathering from watching Carmen Electra work out in Sketchers new hidden wedge sneakers. Those shoes have heels built into the shoe so that shorties like Carmen (she's 5'2" tall) can add to their height without looking like they're wearing stilettos all the time. Not that you care about that...

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev have become bosom bikini buddies, oh boy!

Back in March of this year, Ryan Lamecrest confirmed that he had split from his long-time beard, Julianne Hough and I've never bothered to look up what reason he gave for it because it would have been a lie. Not only is Julianne the possessor of a slammin' body, she's proven herself to be ambitious, smart and quite witty in interviews. (To the point where I can forgive her for being in a...

Liz McClarnon has some quite nice Atomic Kittens

I am feeling as if the Spice Girls were not the end of the British Girl Group Apocalypse. All of a sudden, everywhere you look these days, there's The Saturdays or now, Atomic Kitten, a trio of British babes who sing songs that no one pays attention to because two of the members are super hot babes. If they had dressed more scantily back in the 1990's, I'd venture to refer to Atomic Kitten as...

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