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Face Off: Melissa Rauch vs. Kaley Cuoco

Jessica Biel had her impassioned advocates in last week's Face Off , but I got the feeling it was nonetheless Mary Elizabeth Winstead who enjoyed the greater share of love from the voters. Circumstances have changed a lot for both those two in recent years. Makes me wonder how comparing them might have gone a few years ago. Probably a much harder call to make back then. This...
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Melissa Rauch, aka the other big titty hottie from TBBT, shows off in FHM

Everyone seems to give Kaley Cuoco the lion's share of attention for her big titty blonde duties on The Big Bang Theory. I suppose that's attention honestly earned. One shouldn't overlook that show's other ample-breasted hottie, Melissa Rauch , who can be seen here doing her thing in the pages of FHM magazine. I hardly ever watch the show, which is good because that squeaky voice thing she...
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Top Ten Hottest TV Wives

TV is well known for giving its men far more attractive wives than they deserve. This isn't about the hottest wives stuck with the most undeserving of husbands. This list is more about the hottest women on television right now who happen to also kick ass at the domestic partnership thing. They're smart, they're funny, they're sexy and they're definitely some babes that you would give your right...
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Sweet S&M Bernadette! Melissa Rauch does snakes on a babe for Maxim

We all saw it coming. Or, I should say, those of us who could see through the baby-voice and nerd glasses that Melissa Rauch puts on as a part of her character Bernadette from "The Big Bang Theory" had hoped to see coming, finally came to fruition. Rauch is super sexy in the December 2013 issue of Maxim magazine, which has the petite blonde actress posing with far more skin than we've ever...
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Melissa Rauch keeps up her cutie-pie persona at the 2013 Critics Choice TV Awards

Oh, sweet Bernadette. How I love the way that you have infused yourself into the real life vision that is Melissa Rauch , one of the other attendees at the 3rd annual Critics Choice Television Awards. I wish there were more events that Rauch could show up at and glow like she does. I understand that while she's supposed to be one of the second bananas of the trio of girls on "The Big Bang...
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Melissa Rauch's bountiful bosom graces Esquire, creates a Big Bang for fans

There's something about Melissa Rauch that makes you overlook her elvish stature, helium pitched voice and... that's all I've got. Whenever I watch "The Big Bang Theory," I'm constantly impressed by just how pitch-perfect this little firecracker is. What would have been a small, fleeting role got turned into 1/3 the female equivalent that makes the show worth watching so many seasons in. If...
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