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Sexy TwitPics: Hottest of September 2014

When you obsess over the generosity of celebrity skin on Twitter as much as I, one can't help but shed a heavy tear over the fact that bikini season is over. Luckily, even though it's now October, nobody's told the sun what time of year at is, so we still got a few decent bikini shots from our beloved hotties. Of course, cellphone-camera activity has died down a little...

Face Off: Who Was Your Favorite Hottie of 2013?

The larger percentage of you agreed with me that Tina Fey was the fairer funny girl over competitor Christina Applegate , at least as far as it pertains to last week's Face Off . Nevermind though. Any woman who can make me laugh is just fine by me. By the looks of things it seems most of you have checked out our list of the best hotties for 2013. We, the staff here at...

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