Face Off: Emily Kinney vs. Rose McIver

Emily Blunt took a pretty solid win over Yvonne Strahovski in last week's Face Off . That was surprising. I was expecting that one to split fairly even between them. Clearly I underestimated the staggering drawing power of Emily. The big news for The Walking Dead fans in the last couple weeks was the adorably hot yet sadly demised Beth, aka Emily Kinney , losing her clothes...
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Emily Kinney deserves an award just for being so adorable

Poor Emily Kinney , or as you may know her best, Beth Greene from The Walking Dead . Why'd that cop have to go and shoot her in the head? Not sweet little Beth. Now we don't get any more of her beautiful sweetness contrasting with that show's increasingly ugly everything. At least they gave her a relatively clean exit. I'm not sure I could have tolerated adorable Beth getting ripped apart by...
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Emily Kinney is pretty perky for a corpse

OMG, was that a spoiler?! Listen, if you care at all about The Walking Dead you already know that Emily Kinney's Beth character took a pill to the head as the big mid-season shocker they left for everyone to mull over for the next couple months. Poor Emily. Who'd have thought she would ever be added to that veritable army of actors set adrift by TWD's love for slaughtering its cast? Oh well....
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While Beth was missing, Emily Kinney was busy modeling

Emily Kinney is the blonde, more serious version of Sarah Hyland . Kinney looks as if she's still in high school, similar to the overly youthful look of Hyland but in reality, "The Walking Dead" blonde little sister is really 29-years old. We're preparing to figure out what happened to Beth when Daryl saw her get scooped up by that mysterious black car with the white cross on the back window...
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Actress Lili Simmons gives True Detective yet another impressive sex scene

I swear, this True Detective show has become the finest hour of programming anywhere on TV. Not only is it first class story-telling, writing and acting, which in and of themselves would be fantastic things amidst this sea of televised shit we find ourselves wading through nowadays. No, no, this show goes that extra mile and tosses in some magnificent sex scenes as well. Of course, we...
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