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It's time to reserve our one bedroom stay with hottie Christa B. Allen

It's weird to think what television has brought us.  While we've been given monumentally incredible shows like BREAKING BAD and GAME OF THRONES and THE WIRE and OZ and other awesome shit like that, we've also been given things like PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and REVENGE and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER and a seemingly endless run of episodes from TWO AND A HALF MEN that probably...
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Ellie Kemper is super cute but is her dress a mess?

While I might not have discovered Ellie Kemper on "The Office," and while I'm probably the only person who sat through the 21 JUMP STREET movie and did not laugh once (I tried watching a second time when I was completely baked and mainly thought it was boring - yes, I know, your opinion is that my opinion sucks and therefore is completely invalid and blah blah blah), I still thought she...
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