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Liziane Gutierrez suffocates a bicycle seat in downtown London

I went back and forth before deciding to post these images of Brazilian model, Liziane Gutierrez , before deciding that her ass is a special thing and I know a lot of guys who have a thing for checking out chicks riding bikes, so... What I didn't realize when I first saw the pictures of Gutierrez trying to be the new Maitland Ward (sorry, honey, you're failing - Maitland is charming to go...
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Gigi Hadid references Queen songs for her new photoshoot

I'm not sure if what Gigi Hadid has here technically belongs in the pantheon of fat bottoms Freddy Mercury and Queen celebrated so very long ago. She's got enough meat back there to squeeze by though. It's certainly a more substantial ass than some I could name. The rest of Gigi's barber poled bod ain't looking too bad either in this photo shoot for whoever. She's doing what she should be...
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Day 3 of Kelly Brook's bikini adventure was everything I hoped it would be

Well, save for any bikini top slippage. I was going to say that Day 3 of Kelly Brook in Miami was ruined when that chick put a robe on Kelly during her bikini moment. Thankfully someone came through with the pics taken of Kelly before said robe went on. The reason some sick bastard released the pics of Kelly being covered up, before they released the rest of these pics, escapes me completely...
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Eva Longoria wants to ride her bicycle, she wants to rider her bike

You know, if I had a nickel for every time I've written a story revolving around a celebrity working out, I'd be a millionaire (well, I'd probably have about 85 cents, or so, but you get what I mean), but can you really blame me? It's summer, it's hot and I suppose these attractive women have a desire to keep their physique tip-top. I'm definitely not complaining,...
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Adriana Lima makes you want to be a bicycle seat

She's making me feel awfully jealous of biking equipment anyway. Looks like Adriana Lima was filming a thing for some sort of Victoria's Secret gear somewheres, proving how completely awesome it is to be a women's bike seat. Maybe I'm just a perv (no maybes about it), but there's always been something erotic about a woman straddling a bike seat. Perhaps it's the clearly phallic look of the...
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