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The reign of Anne Hathaway's MILF physique began on Alice's red carpet

Just barely 2 months ago, Anne Hathaway managed to give birth and keep it quiet from the rest of Hollywood for nearly 2 weeks, and now the brazen boob flasher (when it comes to her movie roles, natch) looks f*cking tremendous as she walks the red carpet premiere of ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS in Hollywood on Monday night. I was really expecting there to be more boob on display, what...
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Iggy Azalea shows off more than just her Pride in Miami

Sooooo... I don't watch much in the sports world outside of hockey mainly because I get so tired of all these scandals going around in the professional sports world. Guys fighting dogs, guys fighting their significant others, guys just being dicks. Speaking of dicks, Nick Young, the guy who is engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea might have to start watching out for his. One of...
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Iggy Azalea's ass was the white elephant in the room at the People's Choice

Yeah, I'm mixing metaphors there, but I think they both apply to the situation surrounding Iggy Azalea in most situations. Were you like me in skipping the People's Choice awards last night? What's the point? They never give the awards to the people who deserve them anyway. Most of the time these sorts of things just leave me pissed off. Those of you who did watch got to see Iggy show off...
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Does Kendall Jenner's tight butt make up for all that Kardashian flab?

I think it's clear the majority of the Kardashian's have become content to roll in the millions they "earn" for their bullshit and have stopped putting much effort into trying to keep themselves at least passably fit. All except for Kendall Jenner and also her younger sister Kylie. While certainly caught up in all that bullshit their family pawns off as entertainment to the junk food masses,...
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Eva Longoria might wear her heart on her sleeve, but her politics are all over her ass

Here's a little dilemma for my fellow ass fans who might also have been Romney votes. Apparently excellent ass holder Eva Longoria has no problem advocating her approval for an Obama second term, voicing her sentiments on the broadest of billboards in town. It might be a little late for turning one's ass into a political statement. After all, Obama's already won the big chair again and...
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