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Katharine McPhee got a lot of mileage out of her striped bikini this weekend

There are some rumours going around right now that "Scorpion" star Katharine McPhee might have talked to her CBS buddy, Kaley Cuoco , and gotten the number of her excellent surgeon. I'm not saying that anyone has confirmed anything but if that's a boob job, it's definitely in the top tier of best boob jobs ever. It might be the explanation for why Katharine wore the...
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The hunt for camel toe is on whenever Taylor Swift slips into spandex

Because I'm not a dude, I don't understand what the huge obsession with spotting camel toe is about. Yes, I understand that it gives you a clothed version of pokies but for outer pussy lips, but still, all I end up thinking of whenever someone says "camel toe" is that scene in THE WEATHER MAN where Nicolas Cage (in another one of his top-notch hairpieces) has to take his young daughter shopping...
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A rare Taylor Swift bikini sighting happened in Rhode Island this weekend

I don't know what the hell this Tom Hiddleston dating Taylor Swift business is about but it's starting to feel as fake as those "relationships" she had with Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. Everything is too cutesy, there are too many open sightings of the pair together for the paparazzi to snap and in general, I'm just starting to lose a shitload of respect for Hiddles. The pair were seen...
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America's Next Top MILF Blake Lively puts on an impressive show in NYC

I'm of the opinion that pregnant women are pretty darn sexy, if only because looking at that belly and knowing that she's performing the closest thing to god-like magic that a human being ever could (growing another human being inside of her, come on now, that's amazing) but not all pregnant women can pull it off like Blake Lively . The "Gossip Girl" was every inch the...
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Nicole Scherzinger wears the hell out of a bikini in Mykonos

You might just wish your girlfriend was as stacked as Nicole Scherzinger , who was showing off what appeared to be an even bigger bust while on vacation in Mykonos over this past weekend. The former Pussycat Doll singer has never shied away from admitting that she'd had breast augmentation surgery in the past but judging by the increase in cup size she's rocking here, I'm guessing that...
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Kaley Cuoco admits to pumping up her Pennies

While the debate over Kaley Cuoco's overall hotness level has been going on for quite some time, the one aspect that most don't argue is the fineness of her buxom-osity. Curiously, those very sweater puppies have had their highs and lows. In the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Cuoco herself admits just how much. The actress is now admitting to having gotten a boob job, saying...
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Kristen Bell celebrates music from Frozen, we celebrate her new MILF curves

I should probably be slightly more considerate when I mention the new curves that Kristen Bell has been flaunting since she gave birth to her daughter, Lincoln. The actress, who was on hand with the rest of the voice cast from the super-popular Disney flick, FROZEN, performing the music from the movie and celebrating its success, has also been out in the media recently, causing a...
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Teresa Palmer is the cutest flag football playing hippie preggo woman ever

Stephen Stills must be proud of himself. That is, Mark Webber - the guy who played him in SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, must be reveling in the fact that he's gotten the chance to knock up the awesome Aussie, Teresa Palmer , who is really knocking this whole knocked up thing out of the park as she plays flag football in it. The 27-year old hottie and her 33-year old man(the couple have...
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