AnnaLynne McCord has fat tires

She's been working her butt of since she left the reboot of "90210," first stepping up to do awareness projects for victims of sexual assault (she herself experienced an attack when she was in her late teens) and has since jumped out of a plane for 18 for 18, a charity organization designed to help victims of human trafficking. So it was time for AnnaLynne McCord to take a...

Kelly Brook references Queen songs with her beachside bike ride

It always seemed kind of silly to me when Freddy Mercury, gay icon that he was, praised the concept of fat bottom girls on bikes. However, he did have a good point there. Such things are a treat. The proof of concept was demonstrated by my beloved Kelly Brook out on Venice Beach yesterday in her summer dress, blessedly blown up by some of those handy offshore breezes. Are you like me in your...

Eva Longoria wants to ride her bicycle, she wants to rider her bike

You know, if I had a nickel for every time I've written a story revolving around a celebrity working out, I'd be a millionaire (well, I'd probably have about 85 cents, or so, but you get what I mean), but can you really blame me? It's summer, it's hot and I suppose these attractive women have a desire to keep their physique tip-top. I'm definitely not complaining,...

Doutzen Kroes throws on the hot cut offs and goes for a bike ride

Suddenly all the fine hotties are taking sexy bike rides lately. What's that about? Meh, I won't complain, especially when it's MILF model wonder Doutzen Kroes . You know I really hate the heat of summer, but I do love how warming things up causes the ladies to strip down into numbers like this. It used to be the daisy dukes that got the blood pumping, but I think the new standard in sexy...

Adriana Lima makes you want to be a bicycle seat

She's making me feel awfully jealous of biking equipment anyway. Looks like Adriana Lima was filming a thing for some sort of Victoria's Secret gear somewheres, proving how completely awesome it is to be a women's bike seat. Maybe I'm just a perv (no maybes about it), but there's always been something erotic about a woman straddling a bike seat. Perhaps it's the clearly phallic look of the...

Elizabeth Banks rides her bike in an asstastic dress, doesn't seem happy about it

Elizabeth Banks was on location yesterday filming scenes for her new movie WALK OF SHAME - a walk that apparently involved Elizabeth getting stuffed into a tight ass dress for some city street cycling, all to her chagrin. I can't speak to Elizabeth or her character's feelings about the situation, but I'm always more than happy to see Liz's fine body wrapped up in something tight and slutty....

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