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I'd like to inspect Gemma Chan's epidermis

The best reason to give the new AMC show Humans a go is Gemma Chan . The former co-star (in which she played a dominatrix) of Secret Diary of a Call Girl is the sexy synth Anita; who's purchased to aid a nice family with daily responsibilities. A surrogate wife, mother, housekeeper and not to mention the object of lust for their eldest son - Anita slinks around the house begging the...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Whovian Babes

Perhaps I am unfortunate in the respect that the Whovians of the 2005 to present day drive me absolutely bonkers. I might have been a part of them, I might have been persuaded to come back into the Exterminate! fray, but they're all so... well, seeing as how I'm probably addressing some of them right now, I have my opinion. I also recall a time when Tom Baker was my Doctor, when the show...
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