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Billionaires are literally fighting each other for a shot at Miranda Kerr

What the hell is it with rich people just going at each other lately? Perhaps all the building resentment against how lopsided things are between rich and poor is starting to get to those who horde all the cash. Or maybe super hot Aussie super model Miranda Kerr just came on the market and now all her fellow billionaire countrymen are battling for the right to bang her sweet ass on a...

Miranda Kerr hops onto the supermodel relationship bandwagon

One thing near universal in the supermodel world is that no matter how rich and successful a model may become, there will still be an urgency in their minds to marry super rich guys with giant yachts. It's just a given that if you're one of the elite beautiful people, your only realistic option for a mate is a master of the universe. Which is rather bizarre because it's not like these ladies...

Happy 50th birthday Kathy Ireland

There's no better way to remind me how old I'm getting (apart from looking in a mirror) than to show me how the hotties from my youth are coming along. Case in point, former bikini model extraordinaire Kathy Ireland , who's turning the big 5-0 today. Damn, that's just nuts. You folks out there rapidly calcifying like myself might recall the time, back before Kate Upton even existed on...

Uma Thurman makes sexy faces at the Donna Karan Fashion Week show

Uma Thurman may have some of the ugliest feet ever put to cinematic use, but the 42-year old actress is still looking quite fit, especially when you factor in that she gave birth to a daughter last July, this time with her billionaire boyfriend Arpad Busson instead of her first husband, actor Ethan Hawke. However, it was Thurman and Hawke's teen daughter Maya who had what her mother...

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