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Zoey Deutch continues to class up that Sundance joint

It's impressive how many hotties are making their way around Park City this year. Endless waves of the most desirable females on the planet have been freezing their fine asses of in the Rockies, just to support their movies looking for critical praise and maybe some of that sweet, sweet, distribution cash. Ladies like Zoey Deutch with multiple movies looking for some industry love, have...
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Margot Robbie goes from batting creatures to clubbing the competition

Margot Robbie has been getting ice skating training for her upcoming role as Tanya Harding in the absurdly titled I, TONYA, which profiles the exploits of the disgraced ice skating champion in the lead up to her involvement in the assault on her competition Nancy Kerrigan for the ice skating championship back in 1994. It's one of those ridiculous tabloid stories that simply never went...
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Emma Stone just can't keep out of those sexy tights

Emma Stone is really putting the time in with the workouts in anticipation of her portrayal of tennis legend Billie Jean King. Every time you see her now she's wrapped up in some Lycra either going to or coming from a workout. I get it. Tennis is a bitch of a sport. That's why its stars have to get all roided up just to play the damn game in its present high octane iteration....
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I saw the light and it looked a lot like Elizabeth Olsen

I'm kind of looking forward to Elizabeth Olsen's musical biopic I SAW THE LIGHT, which profiles the life of country singer Hank Williams. I'm not much of country fan, but I give Hank an exception there. That guy was above and beyond the rest of the twangy, redneck doldrums that followed in his rather large wake. Elizabeth plays Hank's wife, Audrey Mae, who I'm sure goes through the usual...
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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Heather Graham

You guys gave Rashida Jones the win by a slight margin over Aubrey Plaza in last week's Face Off . Yet another time when I was fine with either choice ya'll made. We've been waiting for what feels like a long time to see how Amanda Seyfried does playing the troubled porn star in LOVELACE. Now we can all see for ourselves when the movie opens this Friday. While I'm sure we'll get...
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Nothing Bazaar about Amanda Seyfried's beauty

Amanda Seyfried is doing her angelic thing for Harper's Bazaar again this month. I can never get enough of those eyes. I'm such a sucker for peepers like those. They're my weakness, apart from boobs which I hear Amanda shows quite a lot of in her biopic of Linda Lovelace. Is that thing ever going to come out? Seems like it's been going around the festival circuit for months now. I suppose...
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