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Flashback Friday: Brenda?

Bit of an inside joke there you non-Kevin Smith fans probably wont get. Other than inside jokes, I think it's fair to say that Shannen Doherty is synonymous with two things - the 90s and bitchiness. The former is actually a direct result of the latter for Shannen. That's what spending the better part of a decade as an irritable malcontent will do for you. Tends to limit your...
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Classic Hotties: Morgan Fairchild

There are a couple of very different things that come to mind when I think of Morgan Fairchild . Foremost in my mind are memories of the smokey-voiced, intimidatingly hot, mega-bitch she played on many of the shows I was too young to watch back in the day. Then there's the secondary memory of a chubby guy in a bad suit on SNL, bragging on his delusional marriage to this blonde bombshell....
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