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Tulisa Contostavlos wants to round out your year with bikini goodness

From what I can gather, Tulisa Contostavlos is the newest Paula Abdul in Simon Cowell's world. A sometimes singer who sometimes only goes by her first name (Gee, I wonder why?), the Greek babe is a judge alongside Cowell for the British "X Factor" as well as a fine rocker of the bikini, proved in these pictures of her on the beach in Barbados. She's also been a hacking/leaking victim, where...

Demi Moore is 51, in a bikini, refusing to age

There's got to be something awesome in the bat shit crazy waters. It seems to me that whenever we see a celebrity in a bikini looking unnaturally hot for their age, they're also of the coo-coo for cocoa puffs variety. Or perhaps that's just 51-year old Demi Moore , the mother of 3, former wife of 3, partaker of spice and hot yoga and plastic surgery and all around WTF woman of the century....

Danielle Fishel's body meets bikini in Hawaii

We've still got to wait until 2014 until we can check out our gang from the original "Boy Meets World" grown up and featured in the 14 years later spin-off, "Girl Meets World," but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the beloved Topanga, Danielle Fishel in a bikini on the beaches of Hawaii. The pint-sized actress recently got married for the first time to a dude 7 years her junior whom...

Courtney Stodden's latest bikini pics are photobombed... by nuns!

I really don't want Courtney Stodden to go away. Yes, I know that she's a ridiculous attention whore, not unlike pretty much any of the women from the Kardashian family or the Jersey Shore bitches, but there's something just so delightfully whack about her that I can dig it if dosed in moderate proportions. Take her latest bikini photoshoot for example. Doing her big...

Claudia Romani does what she does best in a black bikini in Miami

This model seems to be playing up the great state of weather in the kinda-sorta-f*cked-up state of Florida. Claudia Romani decided to go the black bikini route and soak up the rays rather than disturb her neighbors, which seems like a rather sound idea. Distract them with your booty, your boobies and your pretty smile. No one would ever suspect you of looking to harm anyone, except perhaps a...

Katharine McPhee does Coachella in Guess bikini lounge style

More fun than actually going to Coachella might just be the random tweeting that comedian Aziz Ansari has been doing over the course of the popular counter-culture music event. From suggesting that instead of going to Coachella, he would rather get a bunch of people to go see the movie 42 seven time to hashtagging DarkSkinnedMinoritiesAtCoachella, it's been fun seeing the Indian Tasmanian...

Sophie Turner takes her famous bottom down under to Sydney

The boys around here are always getting to Sophie Turner and her bootiliciousness before I can, so thank you Australia for hosting this lovely blonde tribute to women over the weekend so that I can get a piece of her to myself. (Sorry, fellas. I know you both love your Sophie, but sharing is caring!) She doesn't look all that happy in these pictures but perhaps that's just me reading too much...

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