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Rachel Platten shows off legs worth fighting for at Billboard Hot 100 show

If case you're not familiar with the name Rachel Platten , might I ask... do you watch TV? Chances are, you've heard her warbling over some advertisement recently, considering that "Fight Song" is one of the top used tunes for commercials these days. No, it's not Taylor Swift belting out that girl power song, it's this leggy blonde. Rachel looks like the love child of Hilary Duff and Katie...
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Elisha Cuthbert heads to the new Target in Canada for her Black Ops fix

The discount retailer Target is super popular in the United States, so if you polite, darling Canadian Schmoes could clue me into what you all were using before the chain was introduced in Toronto last week, it will assuage my curiosity. Not only is it appropriate that Canadian born actress Elisha Cuthbert would be on hand as a part of the celebrities enlisted to help market this grand...
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Keri Hilson rocks many looks at the VH1 Divas concert

I don't want this to fall through the cracks. Yes, I know that the VH1 Divas concert (which happened to feature my personal favorite Diva - Adam Lambert - Yes, I am part of the Glambert Nation) happened a couple of days back and we've already featured a couple of others who were at the affair looking splendid in their Diva-esque attire, but really? Keri Hilson rocks my socks. She is such a...
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