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iCarly's Jennette McCurdy keeps growing up into a mighty fine woman for Runway magazine

Call me crazy, call her a chipmunk face, I don't care. I really dig on former "iCarly," current "Cat & Sam" Nickelodeon star, Jennette McCurdy . I find her far more interesting (perhaps because she has so many more variables) than a Nick star like Victoria Justice. Sure, Vicky is pretty all the time and looks pretty much perfect all the time but it's so one-dimensional and not the the...

Jewel brings out her Christmas cleavage at The Grove's lighting ceremony

Oh holy damn nights, indeed! Something happened to the previously rather demure singer, Jewel after she became a mama. Where we used to see flouncy shirts that did damage to the outline of her figure and flowery prints that look good on no one other than the church ladies from the South, now we're getting massive cleavage, pushed up to its maximum capacity in tight, form-fitting leather...

Heidi Klum slips into some leather to whip Jimmy Fallon into a lather

If the rumours are true, Heidi Klum is batshit crazy. Aside from the rumours, my fact is that I love her kooky nature and how she'll strut onto the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon set and have the guy who is piss-poor at creating a naturally stunned reaction into spit-taking his water. To think, I figured Horatio Sanz was the only one who could get Jimmy to spit. Heidi is currently one of the...

I wish the douche would move so we could see more of Katy Perry in her black leather dress

I thought that John Mayer was a thing of the past for Katy Perry , but after seeing these images of him sticking to her like Gorilla Glue after their dinner in West Hollywood, I am severely disturbed by my incorrect information. I know that she's prepping to be ready for the onslaught of promotional gigs she'll be hitting up for next week's release of THE SMURFS 2, but in the meantime, can't...

Gemma Arterton is heart-stopping in a black leather dress at the Byzantium screening

Holy crap. Do any of you male Schmoes understand how HARD it is to look this good in a leather dress? Women all over the world have been trying to squeeze into these things and look like a voluptuous, sensuous creature and most of the time the only ones who can do it without the press describing them as having "rolls" or looking "bloated" are the super-skinny chicks who might look awesome in a...

Ziyi Zhang begs off all of the attention she gets at the Grandmaster Berlin photocall

I recall doing a podcast with the ladies from the Geek Girls and them laughing over how someone screwed up IP MAN to sounds like I.P. MAN. Seeing as how the new movie, THE GRANDMASTER, is a dramatic biopic of the same guy, the legendary teacher to the legend Bruce Lee, there might be new giggles to be hand. At least THE GRANDMASTER doesn't look too confusing to read for us wide-eyes. Ziyi...

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