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Natalie Dormer makes adorable faces, shows off cleavage on Univison

Lest we begin to think that Jennifer Lawrence is the only hot female in the cast of MOCKINGJAY PART ONE (while I respect that there are Jena Malone fans on this site, I doubt that she's going to look all that great in the next couple of movies considering that her character was picked up by the evil doers of Panem to be tortured until she goes even more bat shit crazy than she had been prior,...

Chrissy Teigen goes to the dogs for Piperlime

I'm usually pretty tickled when it comes to Chrissy Teigen . The girl is known for going out without a bra on a regular basis and her tweets, whether revealing that she was "kinda drunk" when she delivered the opening game pitch for the Dodgers to saying her favorite part about going out to dinner with husband John Legend was the fact that their waitress was someone he...

Jenna Louise Coleman brings her companion hotness back to London

All it took was about 30 minutes of trying to watch the VMAs to become utterly sick of the state of pop music these days (maybe it was the oddball way that Lourde was talking, where was the hand up that puppet's butt?) but it's taking me a lot longer to tire of the sexy streak that Jenna Louise Coleman has been traveling with as "Doctor Who" made its world tour. The doctor and his...

Nicola Peltz is addicted to promoting her new movie, heads to Beijing

I hope you're not getting sick of seeing Nicola Peltz as she tours the world to promote TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION . I hope she's not getting sick of the promotion, for that matter. While most of the time that Nicola was photographed on the red carpet for the Beijing unveiling of the movie she was putting on a smile, I'm also seeing a bit of fatigue around the eyes of...

Kim Kardashian takes her baby & her boobs out for a walk in NY

I don't have an Instagram account. To paraphrase the lines used by Kat Dennings' Max on "2 Broke Girls," that site is like Twitter for people who can't read. So I was unaware that Kim Kardashian was the number one member on the popular website. I knew that she was ridiculous owner of the most profitable Twitter account, getting rewarded for tweeting links to companies...

Emma Watson wears the hell out of a suit for Letterman

I went to the movies this weekend, not that that should surprise you since I work for a movie lover's website and all. What caught the attention wasn't the lack of people who were in my showing of DIVERGENT (especially considering that the movie debuted to fairly impressive numbers) but that there was a person in the audience who pondered aloud, "Why are there so many biblical...

Olivia Wilde takes her time looking mouth-watering at London premiere of Rush

I've decided that Jason Sudeikis has a dick made of gold with a pair of vibrating rabbit ears installed at the base because holy shit, there is no way that man deserves a woman as fine as Olivia Wilde unless his shit is magical, yo. The actress has always been one of those cool babes who looks great dressed up or down and has the mentality where she does interviews declaring that she's...

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