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Gotta love how Deborah Ann Woll stands by her man

It was a cool thing when Deborah Ann Woll showed up with her guy at the premiere for Netflix's Daredevil show the other night. Not just because she looked great, but also because Deb's relationship has given her a special connection with the show's premise of a blind superhero. Deborah's partner, E.J. Scott, suffers from a degenerative disorder that has slowly robbed him of his eyesight....
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Deborah Ann Woll is a lovely, redheaded mensch

HBO's True Blood is finally beginning to wind down. That's good, because they're clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas at this point in the show. I am going to miss the regular return of the enchanting Deborah Ann Woll and her intoxicating red locks to my television screen. Good thing she's moving on to the television adaptation of Daredevil soon, which might force me to break...
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