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BOTB HIMYM Mothers: Jennifer Morrison vs Ashley Benson vs Sarah Chalke

Last week was a pretty easy decision - seems that it's hard for anyone to compete against the iconic blonde greatness that is Charlize Theron. That made me start thinking. Now that the end of "How I Met Your Mother" is drawing to a quick (and kinda disappointing) finish, it occurs to me that there were an awful lot of blonde contenders who went through the course of the show before the...
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Battle of the Babes Hunger Games Blondes Edition: Leven Rambin vs Stephanie Leigh Schlund vs Natalie Dormer

Why was there no Ginnifer Goodwin in last week's "Once Upon a Time" battle? Because I really don't care for her. Plus it was a great way to see Jamie Chung take a win. Did I stack the deck? Sure. When does the deck not get stacked to the advantage of the one creating the game? That thought made me think of all the hotness that is going on in THE HUNGER GAMES movies, which has lead me to...
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Brittany Snow & Emily Deschanel cuddle with Kristin Chenoweth at the Inspire a Difference Awards

After taking my cat to the vet (as much as I would like for that to be a euphemism for getting action at the gyno's, it's the truth) and dropping $90 for a shot and a lot of instructions on how I can be a better pet owner, I needed to get something better into my head. Why not search the internet for obscure shit like the Inspire a Difference Awards held by Investigation Discovery and find...
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Battle of the Babes #249: Lucy Lawless vs Kathleen Robertson vs Olga Kurylenko

It seems that the gingers are a ruling class, after watching how Deborah Ann Woll took down the other HBO competition last week, securing herself a place in the semi-finals of the hottest babes on TV. Will the same happen for the redhead this week?Or is it that you prefer your babes darker, older, different kinda lovelier? Kathleen Robertson I cannot say that I am...
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Battle of the Babes #240: Agron vs Johansson vs Refaeli

I am so far behind on Hanukkah and I think I've come up with a great idea to make it up for the long-suffering tribe. I'm going to bring to you a set of HOT BRUNETTE JEWS this week, blondes, the following, redheads after that. The winner of each week will compete in a fourth week where the ultimate hot Jewish babe will be crowned. These are my choices for you to pick from. If you have a...
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