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Hunter Haley King has the face of an angel, the rack of a goddess

She was born Hunter Haley King and uses just Hunter King now but used Haley King when she was younger and the only thing I can think of is by any name, she sure is sweet. King has been racking up accolades for her time on "The Young and the Restless," that long-running daytime soap opera which tends to produce highly polished actresses who don't do much else outside of their steady...
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Jessica Lowndes and the twins peeking out from atop her shirt

There's a timeless sexiness to a pair of form-fitting blue jeans, especially when you have an ass like Jessica Lowndes' to fill them out. I honestly can't see a good pair of jeans ever going out of style. This head turning Canuck took to the streets in said denim, plus a black tank top showing off much of her boobs North of the nips – and quite a lovely pair they are. How...
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Brie Larson's blue jean booty dances about the Basmati Blues set

I don't know what it is, but Brie Larson can come off looking a lot plainer than her really is when she has her picture taken in certain circumstances. Here, on the set of her latest movie, BASMATI BLUES, Larson looks like a Pollyanna would could have stepped out of that underground fortress the Mole Women emerged from on "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." It fits the role - Brie is playing a...
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Kate Beckinsale is apparently aware that she has an army of lovers

You ever see a celebrity out and about, wearing clothing that looks as if it's going to be something you might actually purchase for under a ridiculous amount of money? Hell, it seems as if this t-shirt that Kate Beckinsale wore to do some shopping this weekend shouldn't cost more than a 20 spot. Funny thing about celebrities and their "normal people" clothes. They're still not normal. This...
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Jennette McCurdy conjures up some Farrah Fawcett style at lunch in Sherman Oaks

When she's not uploading images of herself with pink "chalk" in her hair to her Twitter account, Jennette McCurdy goes out to lunch with friends channeling her inner Farrah Fawcett. The "Sam & Cat" star was out in a white t-shirt and jeans in Sherman Oaks, California but with those flowing golden blonde locks and large sunglasses, I'm having flashbacks to montages used when "I (heart) the...
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