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Naya Rivera's fine ass literally hangs out in Mexico

I guess it's been a bit of a rough patch for Glee hottie Naya Rivera as of late. First her engagement to rapper Big Sean collapsed, which raises the question of why one would ever consider marrying someone called Big Sean in the first place. Now she's been booted off of the Glee season finale and possibly removed from the show entirely. I guess that sucks for her. I have no stake in the...

Maria Menounos brings the bikini clad booty hotness

Here's a little belated Christmas present for all my fellow fans of beautiful butt owner Maria Menounos . Maria and her fantastic fanny were down Cabo way recently. You'll perhaps know how unfortunate that is if you've seen any of the other candids we've shown from down that way. Apparently's Cabo's paparazzi only go with the bargain basement zoom lenses, which means that once again a perfect...

Adriana Lima is blurry and braless in Cancun

I'd like to buy the world a bottle of Adriana Lima and not the diet version either. The sexy supermodel and mom of two was busy at work running around in the waves in Cancun, getting her picture taken wearing a very wet Coke t-shirt with nothing underneath. Sadly, the images are very blurry, taken most likely from a far distance by some eager and intrusive paparazzi. Being that she's a...

Again with the Kate Beckinsale and the bikinis and the blurriness

Oy vey! Anyone interested in taking up a collection to buy these Mexican paparazzi a decent zoom lens for when Kate Beckinsale shows up in Cabo with an assortment of bikinis? Seriously people, you can't think this kind of shit photography is acceptable. Not for anyone, but much less for Kate. I suppose we'll just have to make the best of it. It is Kate after all, which means that hotness...

Candid Cabo cameramen capture blurry Beckinsale bikini butt

Hmmm, I'm getting a little deja vu here looking at these blurry pics of Kate Beckinsale trotting around Cabo in a bikini. Maybe that's because we've already done this, not once , but twice this year. If I was given to conspiracy theories, I might think pics like these were staged. Clearly the more likely answer is that Kate has the clout to get the same spot at the hacienda lounge every...

Blurry pics of Kate Beckinsale in a bikini are better than no pics at all

Kate Beckinsale is hanging down in Cabo with her fam, enjoying some of that warm sun and reveling in the fact that she owns one of the sexiest bodies in the world. Too bad whoever took these photos was anchored miles off shore or went with the budget zoom lens. Still, it's Kate in a bikini and we can still make out the important bits, which is pretty much every bit of her. That's one...

Sofia Vergara jiggles for Gigolo

Busty Latin princess Sofia Vergara is currently filming a new movie called FADING GIGOLO, which has a rather interesting pedigree. Directed by John Turturro, it stars Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Sofia and tells the story of a guy who becomes a gigolo to help his broke friend Murray (played by Allen) and also brings in his friend Murray to be his pimp/manager and then I guess hijinks...

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