Selena Gomez pumps and pumps away in a sexy black dress

Another day, another Selena Gomez post. Not like I'm complaining, or anything. Seriously, it seems that everyday goes by, Selena gets THAT much hotter. A few years ago, she was maybe at a 61.04867% on the Hot-O-Meter, the results of which I gather with my special Hottie At Home Statistics Kit. Now, though, she's at a 73.86277% on the Hot-O-Meter and again, it looks like there's...

I can't drive 65, Jane Seymour can't look 61

About 6 years ago, Jane Seymour noticed one thing: photographers kept doing most of the retouching of her photoshoots around... her eyes. So the actress went in and had her upper and lower eyelids tightened (or whatever it is that plastic surgeons do to make the eyes look less droopy) and has had better success than most by not needing to have the procedure touched up. There's been the boob...

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