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Bo Osinski returns with double the ass and double the awesome

Just a mere day after posting those pictures of newfound hottie Bo Osinski posing with that goddamn water, here she is, again, posing with that goddamn water. While she isn't throwing away her underwear this time around (at least not the bottom half, you'll see what I mean), she's still looking damn good. She's wearing the same sexy shoes as yesterday's pictures. That's just a statement....

Thin beauty Bo Osinski is definitely naked under that dress

Oh, 138 water. You've done it again. By God, you bastards, you've done it again.  Typically, thin models are beautiful, but there's something about them that doesn't get me all excited in my nether regions. Maybe it's the fact that I would suffocate them with a mere hug, much less lying on top of them in my rotating bed with disco ball lights on the headboard. However, this model Bo...

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