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Face Off: Ashley Benson vs. Elizabeth Olsen

Even more controversy in last week's Face Off between Evangeline Lilly and Emma Stone . I suppose that's to be expected. Perceived slights against hotties with geek cred are shit storms waiting to happen. I've got nothing against Evangeline. I just like Emma more. I may be in the minority there, but I'm okay with that. This week's hotties in contention will probably only worsen the...
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Carmen Electra brings back the Baywatch one piece for Halloween

Looks like all the morning shows were in the full on Halloween mode today, as are most people this year. Interesting how much of a build up there is to Halloween now. People just can't wait to get those costumes on. Take, for instance, Kelly Ripa and her footballer co-host doing an ill-advised Miley Cyrus impersonation on Live with Kelly & Michael: That's just an unfortunate...
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