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Kate Beckinsale finds it hard to lay off that skin tight leather

Filming has wrapped on the new UNDERWORLD movie, BLOOD WARS. I'm sure Kate Beckinsale is happy about that. Not only are these movies essentially a paycheck for her, but they also come with memories, unpleasant or otherwise, of both her exes, the most recent one being the former director of these movies and the first being her co-star. These movies don't evoke particularly good memories for...
5 days ago
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Rita Ora's body confidence is red hot

When you've got it, you flaunt it and Rita Ora most definitely knows how to do both. While her singing career doesn't seem to be the brightest, Ora has managed to make a name for herself as a super sexy sometimes actress who travels in all the right circles. While hanging in New York, after having completed her filming on the next FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie, Rita strutted down the street in...
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It's no secret that Elsa Pataky is one super sexy woman

Her husband is Thor. Her buddies are family. She's had 3 children in the last 4 years and still has a model-worthy body. It's fairly easy to see that Elsa Pataky has a glorious life. Pataky was on hand for a photocall in Madrid, Spain, as a part of her involvement with the fashion line, Women's Secret, showing off her Latina curves in a semi-see-through body suit paired with skin-tight black...
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Lucy Collett bodysuits up nicely

Do you miss those great Nuts spreads we used to post every week? What fun those were. So nice bringing all those beautiful British boobies from hotties like Lucy Collett over here on a regular basis. But those days are gone. What can you do? At least former Nuts hotties like Lucy are still out there doing their thing. I'm glad about that, as Lucy is probably my favorite of that bunch....
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Jennifer Lawrence

Now that X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is finally a thing of the present, it's officially "Mystique Week" here at MovieHotties (or at least that's what I'm calling it for my own shots and goggles). The babe with the blue boobs has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon over the years, especially lately, which is probably due to Jennifer Lawrence 's take...
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Face Off: Tricia Helfer vs. Jeri Ryan

Debby Ryan edged out a win over Selena Gomez in last week's Face Off. Sounds about right in my opinion. Selena is getting hotter as she matures, but she's still got her baby face. Then again, so does Debby. I suppose it's a matter of which baby face works better for you. For me, it's definitely Debby's. Seeing Tricia Helfer looking so good at the RIDDICK premiere last week had...
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Well, we almost made it to 5 straight days of Kelly Brook

Dammit, I tried my best to get a full work week's full of Kelly Brook . Stupid Thursday wrecked my winning streak. Oh well, at least we got a little Kelly for our Friday send off. These pics are some BTS shots of Kelly doing her crazy, sci-fi commercial for Axe body spray that we posted a few months back. What an inspired group of artists they had working on this commercial, particularly in...
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Victoria Justice + a sexy bodysuit = powerful lust

I assume these shots of Victoria Justice posing in her incredibly hot bodysuit are from some Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr whatever the f*ck thing. Not that it matters where they come from. What's immediately obvious at the sight of her in that bodysuit is how insanely hot she is. I still feel like a perv for thinking that, as I've got way too close to 2 decades on her. Still, seeing her...
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