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Hottie Clip: Megyn Price on Rules of Engagement

We've officially began the Fall 2016 televised programming quarter, or perhaps more specifically, sitcom season! That's right, it's time to bring on the next slew of shows featuring audience laugh tracks and wives who are way too hot for their husbands (I'm lookin' at you Kevin James). While not everyone is impressed by today's standards of primetime comedy,...
6 days ago
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Hottie Clip: Tia Carrere in High School High

This reminder may be late by a couple weeks, but "back to school" time has officially arrived. This doesn't really mean much around these parts, except for the fact that we're occasionally hot for teachers... in movies that is. No one would argue that Michelle Pfeiffer was a head-turner around the time she starred in DANGEROUS MINDS, but she hardly holds a candle to the female lead of...
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Hottie Clip: Olivia Munn & Chrissy Teigen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

With my busy schedule of being passed out in an alleyway most afternoons, it's very rare that I watch daytime talk shows. Something tells me many of you schmoes share the same sentiments toward the medium, so don't feel ashamed. That said, I suppose I should've expected Ellen DeGeneres to be the one to trick me into watching one of her comedy sketches, and I'm not...
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Hottie Clip: Kaley Cuoco at A Night at Sardi's (2016)

It's a good day to be a Kaley Cuoco fan. Way back in March of this year, we were given a sneak peek of Cuoco's performance at the 24th annual Alzheimer's Association's 'A Night at Sardi's,' but only in the form of a few measly snapshots. Many were hoping to see video footage of her full song-and-dance rendition of "Dance:...
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Hottie Clip: Jaime Bergman on Son of the Beach

The season of "summer fun" is going through its annual mutation into "back to school" time, in case the nonstop Old Navy commercials didn't clue you in. While this is an unfortunate time of year for many, at least it gives us more reason than ever to go crazy with the bikini-related content, which brings us to Playboy alumna Jaime Bergman ! If you...
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Hottie Clip: Heidi Hawking in Grandma's Boy

The question still stands as to whether or not an audience will turn up for  WAR DOGS  this weekend. With it being the first effort from director Todd Phillips since the HANGOVER trilogy's grueling conclusion, it's a tough call. The pairing up of Jonah Hill and Miles Teller doesn't inspire much more confidence, but this could lead to some...
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Hottie Clip: Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This column doesn't typically feature scenes with hotties who couldn't technically be specified as... human. However, with SAUSAGE PARTY  now out and about corrupting little kids' minds, now's the time for celebrating raunchy animation. And if there's a single babe in movie history who made perfectly well without flesh nor blood,...
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Hottie Clip: Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night

Over the years,  Yvonne Strahovski  has been a very giving hottie, albeit her company has been much less consistent since Chuck ended in 2012. Well, apparently she's missed us, too, and she's brought brought along some magnificent gifts for us in the form of her role in the crime-drama MANHATTAN NIGHT. Seriously, if you're a fan of Yvonne's, you no...
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Hottie Clip: Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street

Nothing spells "independence" like the freedom to watch  Margot Robbie  do the nasty with a bloke who was raised by monkeys this weekend in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN . Our soon-to-be Harley Quinn has had one hell of a year or two, but just as Tarzan always remembers his vines, Robbie should never forget her roots. Her breakout role in Scorsese's THE WOLF OF...
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Hottie Clip: Kelly Brook on It's Not Me, It's You

Making a move to England may have its share of pros and cons at the time being, but a game show lending you a chance to date  Kelly Brook  is a tough pro to argue with. The modern "dating show" It's Not Me, It's You somehow managed to lure our most saught-after busty Brit into their corridors. Good for them, but great for us, because 2016 has seen...
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Hottie Clip: Alison Brie on The Late Late Show

I don't typically use clips of hotties on talk shows for this column, mainly because there so many notable appearances so often, to share them all would become repetitious. That said,  Alison Brie 's appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night was something so spectacular, it made me proud to be an insomniac (ashamed of many other things, but...
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Hottie Clip: Kat Dennings on 2 Broke Girls

Just to remind you of how swiftly time moves,  Kat Dennings  turned 30-years-old today. It may come as a bit of a shock, because she's often played characters who were meant to be a couple of years younger, including her role as Max on 2 Broke Girls.  Now, I'm not the biggest fan of the way modern sitcoms are written, with the constant celebrity...
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