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Sara Jean Underwood has taking a sexy photo down to a science

Sara Jean Underwood could package together instructional books with companion videos on how to pose for pictures that have a thunderbolt's impact on the libido. Or, seeing how her entire brand relies on Internet distribution, she could become an accredited online institution of higher learning; teaching aspiring hotties how to really be successful on the Internet. Then, you'll...
3 days ago
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One last round with Christina Milian's booty to close out the week

We certainly have seen a lot of Christina Milian looking sexy these past two weeks. Almost to the point where I'm convinced her adherence to a strict jogging schedule isn't motivated by an obsession to stay healthy. Based on her accepting demeanor, when it comes to being photographed by the tenacious paparazzi, I believe the curvaceous MILF is addicted to the positive way in which...
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Sexy TwitPics: Ariel Winter

You have to admire a hottie who is more than just a pretty face. Not nearly content with being another flash in the pan bit of visual stimuli, Ariel Winter has chosen to be a person of conviction and unwavering principles – ironclad principles, she adheres to even in the face of public scrutiny. The social media obsessed babe pushed back against disapproving opinions over her...
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Christina Milian's ass could cause a calamity on the jogging trail

Christina Milian is ending her weeklong run of non-stop sexiness on a high note. Unlike the last few photo sets, which kept the focus on her entrancing bust, today's photos bring her equally delectable and nicely rounded out ass to our attention. The timing of the photographer who crossed paths with the omnipresent MILF couldn't have been better; capturing Christina during that...
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Ariel Winter wears her favorite shorts for the Just Jared Summer Bash

This set of photos answers the question: What does Ariel Winter do in her spare time? She spends a ridiculous amount of hours cutting jeans so short, it looks like her ass is consuming all that's left (She probably has enough TV money for her own booty shorts sweatshop; They'd have to work around the clock to keep her stocked and ready for the next public, ass out, appearance)....
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Sara Jean Underwood has definitely earned her wildlife merit badge

Here's some proof that Sara Jean Underwood is a brilliant social media tactician. Digital photography allows the camera operator to take an abundance of stills, providing a means to get the most out of a single shoot; much more than what you actually need. Where a lesser mind might either release the best of the bunch or release them all at once, Ms. Underwood has been systematically...
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Sara Jean Underwood showing her patriotic spirit the only way she knows how

Those claiming to be true patriots often wrap themselves in the American flag, both figuratively and literally. For Sara Jean Underwood , however, covering herself in the Stars & Stripes wouldn't exactly be her style; the social media tycoon hardly covers up with anything let alone a giant flag. The only way that would happen was if someone ripped the miniature symbol of hope and...
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Sara Jean Underwood isn't out of the woods yet

What that picture of Sara Jean Underwood – pretending she's a sports fisherman hobbyist – doesn't show is what she has on the end of her hook. The answer is myself and millions of Internet onlookers who can't, no, won't turn a blind eye to Sarah's every-other-day, social media photo dump. A good "fisherman" knows exactly what kind of bait is needed...
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Jessica Alba gets kinky with a hula-hoop to promote Dear Eleanor

All this time I was thinking of the innumerable amount of things I'd like to do with Jessica Alba , she was thinking about all of the things she'd rather be doing with a hula-hoop (typical). The inanimate object was photographed wedging itself into one of the most desired crevices known to man; all in the service of promoting her latest movie, DEAR ELEANOR. These pics - the...
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Hunter Haley King in a tank top and jeans is hotter than it sounds

Her range as an actress may keep her spouting stilted dialogue on The Young and the Restless indefinitely, but the camera flatters Hunter Haley King as well as many Hollywood 'A' list celebrity babes. Most of the time, only upper echelon hotties wearing something as commonplace as jeans and a tank top ever catch my eye - it's not the jeans, it's the ass that fills them....
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When it comes to Ariel Winter in bikini tops and booty shorts, more is better

I'm going to take a moment to hop on the Ariel Winter attention bandwagon, if for no better reason than: I'm a fan of under-boob and booty shorts; especially when presented in perfect unison. Such is the case with this umpteenth batch of  Ms. Winter's boob show during the 2016 Coachella Music and Arts festival. She draws the eye, no doubt. But, upon doing some due...
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Charlotte McKinney's rack isn't the only thing capable of getting attention

For a hottie who appears to have no other talent than: possessing a gargantuan sized set of tits, Charlotte McKinney is extremely apt at pulling ones focus without relying solely on those tits to do so. Perhaps it's because she also walks around on a lovely, fully exposed pair of pins; while the ass may leave you unimpressed, there are a plethora of sexy features that make up this...
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