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After seeing up-skirts and hotness, I think I'm in 40-Love with Malin Akerman

I really hate sports. They're really boring to watch and if it comes to the apocolypse and I actually find myself playing, I just get sweaty and fall into a seizure. This applies to tennis, however, it features hot girls in short skirts shout-moaning with each other for a while. You have to give credit where credit's due and in this case, I sure do hope that the featured hottie will have many...
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Morena Baccarin is sweet in white at the Hollywood Reporter Nominees bash

Suddenly Morena Baccarin is all over the place these days, which makes sense since the actress appears on the highly popular show, "Homeland." You know, that show that New Yorkers were so up in a twit about when the power went out after Superstorm Sandy. They couldn't live without that show, although I would think that water and power and food not spoiling and not having gasoline and...
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