Hottie Clip: Emma Roberts in Nerve

In the midst of a summer filled with the expected swarm of reboots, rehashes and sequels, we were handed the opportunity to experience NERVE, a no-strings-attached film starring Julia Roberts's niece and James Franco's brother. If you're fond of blinking, however, you might have missed it when it was released back in July. If you're into...
4 days ago
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Casey Batchelor's 2017 calendar helps you cover all your important T&A dates

I really don't understand who Casey Batchelor is. I can process the fact that she's an attractive lady with some great boobs and I've read that she's a "TV Personality" because she was on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, but I still fail to understand what brought her to the celebrity status required to be on such a show. It's unconfirmed that she may or may not have been the girlfriend of...
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Where do we sign up to be the next lucky dog Alice Eve takes for a walk?

I feel bad that the photographers who were following Alice Eve around while she took her dog Buddy for a walk seem to have intimidated her into putting her sweater back on. At the end of these pics I found of the gorgeous blonde Brit, it appears that the cameras being shoved in her face were enough to make her cover up that see-though top she was wearing, her lacy black bra showing through...
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Kate Beckinsale makes shopping at Whole Foods sexy

Is there anything – including the most mundane of daily activities – that Kate Beckinsale can't turn into a hypersexualized spectacle? Even when she's climbing into a car, her natural gift for inspiring passions among those with sight is palpable. At least we now know the overpriced, organic sustenance provided by Whole Foods plays a role in keeping her slender form in...
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Rita Ora knows how to launch a new collection of lingerie

It's been a little over a year since Rita Ora first signed on the become Tezenis' most valuable asset. It was around this time, back in 2015, the world witnessed the results of her initial collaboration with the Italian lingerie company – and while it was a strong start, you couldn't escape the fact that there was still plenty of sexy possibilities yet to be explored....
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Rhian Sugden always delivers her quality goods for Page 3

Few things offer as much certainty as a collaboration between Rhian Sugden and Page 3. Their commitment to providing fans with the kind of hyper sexy imagery they've come to love and expect is ironclad, even at the risk of repetition or oversaturation. The number of times Rhian has appeared topless for Page 3 rivals almost any one of the periodical's most popular go-to-girls, Rosie...
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You can see why Lurelly loves to feature Bryana Holly

This isn't the first time the feminine apparel company Lurelly has called upon Bryana Holly to help tout their wares. Hell, the Instagram sensation is practically on retainer. Who better to sell high-end clothing than a high-end hottie like Bryana? From a $700 Parisienne Gown to $150 Bra sets, this beautiful blonde makes it all the good – needless to say, Lurelly has found...
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Doutzen Kroes tells sexy stories with her photos for Hunkemoller lingerie

It's good to see Dutch dame Doutzen Kroes in her element – and by element, I mean back in a wide variety of lacy garb, meant to entice all who gaze upon her. It's not a stretch to say she's somewhat over qualified for this gig. There's a reason she went from modeling in the Netherlands to being recruited by Victoria's Secret in the blink of an eye, and, at the...
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Victoria Justice in various states of undress can't be anything but good

We did a little preview of Victoria Justice's Kode Magazine spread a little bit ago. Now comes the entire spread, which just like her last Kode spread, takes the Rocky Horror star to unusual lengths of hotness. We don't see nearly enough of this side of Victoria. She'll occasionally wear something tight and moderately revealing, but hardly ever does she just get down to some full on sexy...
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Jessica Chastain gives the folks at L'Officiel their money's worth

Evolution, development of civilization, growth, maturity – these words were handpicked because they serve as an effective way to underline what an agonizingly slow process change normally is. Which is why those moments, when radical change occurs in the blink of an eye, are so special and worthy of note. Up until this day, Jessica Chastain's name was never mentioned among those I...
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Victoria Justice brings maximum leg action to her Rocky Horror press tour

Victoria Justice was making the rounds in all the usual places in order to promote the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake, which premiered a few days ago to very little fanfare or interest whatsoever. No big surprise there. It's hardly the sort of movie anyone could meaningfully add anything to with a remake. 40 years later, RHPS is still a way out there movie for a lot of folks and very...
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Rosie Huntington Whiteley just doing what she does best

It's not like Rosie Huntington Whiteley is never around, you can usually find a set of photos featuring the sexy Brit making an appearance at some upscale event or on the pages of well-respected periodicals – she's a hot commodity. But there's something about Ms. Whiteley getting back to basics that gets me; kind of like a lost soul rediscovering their roots. After all,...
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