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Katy Perry splits from Orlando, might need to fire her hairdresser next

For a half a second, I thought this was Scarlett Johansson posing on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Awards. Then I realized it was Katy Perry with a haircut that suggested she was trying to follow in ScarJo's hairsteps after meeting up with her at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party. Then I thought, briefly, "Oh, she probably had to cut a lot off because she's been dying it blonde and...
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Charlotte McKinney takes her unstoppable bikini game to Hawaii

Honestly, if Charlotte McKinney decided to spend the rest of her life in a bikini, I would have absolutely no objections to that plan. While this coral colored number can't top the infamous barely there black bikini she wore in Malibu in summer of 2015, the one thing this version is missing is that bastard Stephen Dorff, who is no longer McKinney's boyfriend. The only thing I wish I could...
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Make America pokie again! Charlotte McKinney does Labor Day shopping braless

I can't understand a number of America's obsessions but when it comes to ogling bra-free breasts, I am right on board. And of course, the nicest of the nicest pokies out there in the world right now belong to Charlotte McKinney , who was spotted doing a little Labor Day shopping in a tight tank top and white shorts (seeing as it was her last day to wear them), the sun glowing through the...
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If Katharine McPhee followed you home, would you keep her?

Easily one of the best pickup lines I've ever heard was the utterance of, "If I followed you home, would you keep me?" and while I might have answered no back then, I can guarantee you if Katharine McPhee had proposed the same thing, I would have jumped at the opportunity to adopt. Considering that she's now newly single after breaking up with her "Scorpion" co-star boyfriend, Elyes Gabel,...
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Derek Jeter's latest lady has a lot to hold onto for Zink magazine

As to whether Hannah Davis , the gorgeous 24-year old model who hails from the Virgin Islands, is still dating baseball legend Derek Jeter, the web results are unclear. Seems that Jeter had broken up with the model sometime in February of this year and then later reconciled with her. As recent as April the model was coyly quoted in interviews as being "very happy" when questioned...
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