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Marry Nina Agdal and she'll bring you a beer in a bikini

I think we can agree that life would be good were Nina Agdal around in a wife like way. I'm not sure if she'd be hot enough for me to go back on my resolve to never be married ever, but then again I don't know if she isn't hot enough to make me go back on that. Frankly, if she showed up in a bikini like those she wears below for Beach Bunny's bride collection and had a cold glass of beer for...

Olivia Wilde is a beautiful bride and a beautiful everything else

These Avon ads for some kind of wedding-themed perfume or something are a good reason for any man to take the plunge into matrimony. I'm of the opinion that getting hitched is not the best of ideas, but even I have to admit that if it's Olivia Wilde decked out in white, you go right ahead and put that ring on your finger and you don't look back. Once you're in that position, there really is...

Natalie Portman has got to be the most beautiful bride ever

Well here we are again, that wonderful time of year when everyone pretends that a bunch of dumb holiday merch and appointment sex is a viable means of expressing how much you love and care about one another. Anyone planning to pop the question this Valentine's? Well I do hope you reconsider, but if you have anyone around that looks like Natalie Portman does in this Dior ad campaign, I can...

Miranda Kerr could make any man the proudest groom ever

Miranda Kerr's latest Victoria's Secret spread is for their Bride line of provocative wedding day/night garments, to make that special day just a little more special. Wedding days are stressful enough on a guy, but I have to think that the situation is a little easier to accept when you've got a hottie like Miranda walking down the aisle, if for no other reason than the anticipation of...

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