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Flashback Friday: Whatever happened to Bridget Fonda?

Bridget Fonda's absence from Hollywood is a curious issue to those of us who were smitten with her back in the 90s - a decade one could legitimately say she owned. Bridget came onto the scene about the same time as her now legendary aunt Jane went off the scene, so everyone was talking about her taking up the Fonda family mantle. And for awhile there it seemed like it would happen. If...

Hot or Not: Kyra Sedgwick

You'd have to be a nut to climb out onto the legde of a building and think that death would come easily. Sure, that's not exactly the entire story with what's going on in MAN ON A LEDGE , but I think the crazy I'm getting at here refers to one of the actresses in the movie. There's something about her which is... well, it comes off a little loopy. As if she's not quite right, but...

Minka Kelly is compelled to take off her top for GQ

The 'Sexiest Woman Alive' (per Esquire magazine), Minka Kelly, has a brief interview in the February issue of competing Men's magazine, GQ (which bestowed 'Babe of the Year' honors to Scarlett Johansson). While I've come to respect Esquire's pick of Minka as 'Sexiest Woman Alive' over the last few months (it's more original and forward thinking than an almost cliche Scarlett pick), I...

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