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BOTB Baumbach's Babes: Amanda Seyfried vs Anna Paquin vs Brie Larson

Even though the internet demographic composed of vile human beings who like to say degrading things about women weren't too keen on Ashley Judd's op ed piece made their annoying noise last week, those of us who aren't morally deprived showed the actress love in the match up of mature INSURGENT cast members. This week, as the indie flick WHILE WE'RE YOUNG gets a small roll out, I...

The Hotties get glam for the 2014 MET Costume Gala

When you're a hot woman who wants to get the world's attention, you either have to be good at acting and end up invited to an awards show of that distinct or good at music and end up at a recording artist reward forum. Sure, you could pose naked in something or say provocative things to gain media attention but ultimately, you wouldn't have the chance to score fancy designer...

Shailene Woodley looks titular at the screening of her latest movie The Spectacular Now

I understand that the brewing and festering of the internet has not been huge on approving Shailene Woodley and her casting as Mary Jane in upcoming THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. However, I'd like to point out that A) Shailene has NOT been confirmed as Mary Jane even though there have been on-set images of her and B) she's confirmed to be in THE SPECTACULAR NOW alongside Miles Teller and...

Brie Larson hugging on Edgar Wright sets off my jealous geekette alarms

The better question would be for me to determine which I'm more jealous about: Brie Larson hugging on the hotness that is director Edgar Wright or Wright snugging into the lovely little Miss Envy Adams. I want to mention that the first time I went to see SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD at the New Beverly Cinema, not only was Edgar there but so was Brie and the actress is even better looking in...

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