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Pixie Lott ginghams up on you with her homespun hotness

I might be having a clone problem. Perhaps it's because I just love "Orphan Black" sensation, Tatiana Maslany so hard that I'm starting to see her adorably wonky grin everywhere but UK singer Pixie Lott looks a bit like a blonde (but not viciously homicidal like Helena) clone, especially as she took to the stage at the Fusion Festival in Birmingham over this past weekend. In a cute gingham...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Kaya Scodelario

You guys know about that show "Skins," right? That' racy high school drama from the folks across the pond in the UK. Ringing any bells? MTV actually remade that shite a couple years ago. Anyway today's Hottie Clip of the Day takes a look at the UK series and more specifically, hottie Kaya Scodelario. In this scene we've got Scodelario surprising some dude in a hospital room and...

Karen Gillan is the cutest shaved ginge on TV since Bryan Cranston

Now that "Breaking Bad" is gone, what will we do for our shaved head ginger action? Why, hit up the UK television morning program and check out Karen Gillan as she talks about what she felt like after she made the decision to shave her head for her role as Nebula in the upcoming superhero movie GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Rather than compare herself to the BB lead, Bryan Cranston, who is also...

Who is Chloe Sims and where is this swimming pool?

I don't know much about this show called The Only Way is Essex. According to Wikipedia, it's like Britain's The Hills , which is too bad, cause I thought other countires weren't as stupid as we are. I also have no clue who this Chloe Sims is…but I want to. I'm unfortunately the kind of guy that will force myself to watch awful movies and television programs...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Myleene Klass

Sometimes I like to bring you guys a nice random gem for the Hottie Clip of the Day. I'm talking hotties that you might not have heard of, but will probably never forget. While surfing YouTube I stumbled on this goddess from the UK. Apparently she does reporting for a morning show but damn! If the morning reporters look like this in the UK they know how to get their mornings...

Do you agree with the Brits that Kate Upton is the current sexiest Yank?

According to British titty mag Zoo, Kate Upton is the sexiest lady us Yanks currently have to offer the world - a statement seemingly designed to raise the ire of all you non-Upton fans. Keep in mind, these mags are pretty much devoted to distributing images of women who look very much like Kate to the world - only they usually wear a lot less clothes on their person. So selecting Kate as...

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