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Britney Spears shows off her incredible legs on the Jonathan Ross show

I have to admit, I really do like watching clips of celebs on The Jonathan Ross Show , perhaps because he manages to get some easy and fun interviews out of the celebs who visit, perhaps because that goofy voice of his is a great icebreaker. Who wouldn't want to sit and kvetch with someone who sounds like him? It seems that even Britney Spears isn't immune to his charms, opening up about...
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Britney Spears & Rihanna put their asses centerstage at the 2016 VMAs

Ask any insider and they'll tell you, the music industry became a less lucrative business because of Napster's becoming – and pretty much any form of digital distribution henceforth brought those profit margins down. Ask any real music fan and they'll say the reason behind this decline was because of the proliferation of pop music – in the late 90s, early 2000's...
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She did it again! Britney Spears shows off her fit form in another bikini

If I had to wager who would have bounced back so much from personal crisis, I never would have put my money on Britney Spears . It's why I almost never go to Vegas, although considering the shows Brit has been putting on over there, looking as fit as ever, I might have to change my rules and roll the dice on that one. Britney is still hanging in Hawaii this weekend, showing off her hard work...
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We all sponge in our pants when we see Britney Spears' sandy cheeks

Everyone loves a comeback and after enduring a lot of shame in the public eye during her marriage to and subsequent divorce from Well-Fed, Britney Spears is certainly getting the last laugh. Her music career reignited, resulting in a top Vegas show that draws in fans and old vacationing people alike and she's never been in better shape (post childbirth, because of course she looked amazing...
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No Photoshop here! Britney Spears puts her best body back to work in Vegas

What a difference 3 years makes. The first time we started seeing pictures out of Britney Spears Las Vegas shows, there was a fear she was edging into her "Fat Elvis" years, pushing her once lithe dancer's body to the limit. Flash forward to this past weekend and take a look at the hard work that Brit has put in: One could say that she's more fit because she's been doing the show for...
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Flashback Friday: Hit me Britney Spears one more time

It came as some surprise to see Britney Spears restore herself to a semblance of her much younger self recently. The sight of her there in that bikini got me thinking about her early days. I was past high school age when the Britney experience began. Not that I would have ever been into her whole pop star musical stylings, even if we were the same age. As a certified metal geek...
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It looks like Britney Spears' bikini bod is holding up pretty well

Some folks snickered when Britney Spears posted the above pic of her laying out poolside the other day. The thinking was that this was clearly photoshopped all to hell to get her stomach so flat and toned. I understand their skepticism and I'm sure they're right to some degree. After all, we have seen Britney take a rather sharp decline in fitness over the last decade or so,...
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Britney Spears gets manhandled in V magazine

Britney Spears certainly has bounced back well from all of those 2007 incidents that brought the singer more grief than success. Putting the mental breakdowns aside and giving in to the court's decision to have her father monitor her health and keep her spending in check has allowed Spears to focus on herself, getting fit and looking fabulous after what has been a tumultuous career....
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Hottie Clip: Kaley Cuoco on Lip Sync Battle

Spike TV's celebrity "gameshow" Lip Sync Battle has resulted in yet another gift to us, especially those who are coocoo for Kaley Cuoco puffs (it never gets old). Yes, Kaley performed her lip sync rendition of the classic Britney Spears hit "I'm a Slave 4 U" while carrying a big yellow snake, presumably in an attempt to out-sexy her opponent, Josh Gad. We...
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Britney Spears' new red bra concert outfit is better than any Halloween costume

Now, at nearly 34-years old, we're coming into the resurgence of Britney Spears hotness. After a huge meltdown a little under ten years ago, after the K-Fed marriage and back-to-back pregnancies, I'd figured the Britney of school girl pigtails and sexualized adolescence was long gone, replaced by an Anna Nicole-style crazed scenario. Honestly, who of us didn't figure that she'd be 100...
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Some Britney Spears chest erections for old times sake

Sure Britney Spears isn't what she used to be – who is? Being a mega-superstar did a number on her and accelerated the aging process a bit. I remember what seems like a very distant past, a past when she was the masturbatory fantasy girl of choice by males 11 to 87. While teenage girls were constantly playing her high-pitched hits on loop, the male demographic was...
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Britney Spears can still rock that body for her Vegas Planet Hollywood shows

There are a lot worse directions Britney Spears could have gone in, just in case any of you are ready to chime in with your comments about how she doesn't look quite as hot or fit or whatever like she did before WellFed and her two kids. I waffle back and forth between wanting to knock her parents, whom I strongly believe coerce her into being the money making machine that she is and...
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