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Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer are gals worth fighting over

As much as I like to gloat about my overwhelming manliness, the one thing that I can say is that I've never been in a fight. Sure, I've had my intense share of dealing with those pesky trolls, but never have I gone hand-to-hand with a samurai, gangster or ninja. It kind of seems unfortunate, no? It kind of seems that all the badass guys are the ones that get the girls and it's the...

Brittney Palmer & Arianny Celeste pack in some All-American T&A

Whether you prefer ring girl #1 or ring girl number #2, it makes no huge difference. UFC eye candy dispensers, Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer make an awesome, "A-merh-kah f*ck yeah!" duo in their red, white and blue bikinis. This photoshoot, done by photographer Alan Dawe, really puts the hearts of our country's finest on the line with what I think is an Oldsmobile Dynamic, but I'm...

Brittney Palmer is here for those who like their gurls fit

I went to a UFC fight a few months back. Pretty brutal experience. It's one of the few pugilistic things I've seen where the most intense action happens AFTER a dude starts to go down. It's nuts. Some guy is clearly going out and suddenly his competitor just starts wailing on him like a wild ape as he falls. Not really my thing, to be honest, but it was front row seats and they were free....

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer is blazingly hot

I know those UFC Octagon girls are usually pretty hot, just like all the ring girls of the past, but stunner  Brittney Palmer knocks it out of the park each and every time. Here we can see her at the 6th Annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards in Las Vegas rocking her ridiculous body in a tight red dress, showing off her curves, her long legs and a stupid engagement ring. Dammit!...

FHM demonstrates how they love us by putting Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer on their cover

At one point I would have gone with the simple answer that Arianny Celeste was my favorite UFC/MMA ring girl, but that was before I got more acquainted with Brittney Palmer her blonde cohort and fellow "UFC Cheerleader," not to mention a personal friend in real life. Teaming these two women up for photoshoots and magazine covers in the smartest thing since the last smart thing that someone...

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