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Carrie Underwood shows off her shape in Women's Health

Carrie Underwood is one of those former "American Idol" winners who wasn't satisfied with gaining a successful music career and is now talking about her featured part in the upcoming December NBC broadcast of The Sound of Music in Women's Health magazine. In the role of Maria, Underwood discusses how departing from her country music roots is different when doing an iconic musical. She states,...

Hot or Not: Megan Hilty

This show they call "Smash," was something I thought was solely a vehicle for the beauty, grace and talent that is Katharine McPhee. Turns out, the lovely brunette has some ambitious blonde competition on the show with her. She's been kicking around the fringe of Hollywood for some time now and I bring her up mainly because one of my friends' moms was heralding how great she is on the...

Emilia Clarke becomes the Mother of Cats for Breakfast at Tiffany's Press Preview

We're used to seeing her with a white-blonde wig on, dirt streaked across her face, pale blue contacts in her eyes and, well... naked. Luckily, Emilia Clarke got a lot of stage experience before she was picked up to be our one and true Khaleesi on the hot HBO series, "Game of Thrones," which I personally just started to get around to watching the second season of (yes, I bought the discs, but...

Classic Hotties: Judy Garland

Perhaps one of, if not the most celebrated entertainer of the last 100 years, Judy Garland was loved by audiences and fans almost from the beginning. She was a favorite among many in her field and is thought of by many to have been one of the best pure entertainers in the history of show business. Yet, despite years of acclaim and showers of love, Judy's life was a portrait of tragedy...

Emilia Clarke likes her breakfast a little darker

A few weeks ago I did a Classic Hotties profile on Audrey Hepburn, the legendary star of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S, which is considered one of the classic movies of the 1960s despite the fact that it strays quite a bit from the original Truman Capote novella it's based on. For one thing, the book's version of the Holly Golightly character was a little more than just a quirky coffee shop girl....

Hmmm... I wonder if Katie Holmes is happy she left Tom Cruise?

Let's see. Big smile, genuine and wide. A sparkle in her eyes that seemed to have been on a "Missing" poster since the early 2000's. General comfortable stance and open body language? If this is what it looks to feel like after leaving Tom Cruise, I might just want to date/marry the guy myself so that I can dump his ass and gain a case of the happys. Katie Holmes took to Broadway to start...

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