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AJ Lee & Paige turn SummerSlam into the sexy show

Holy sheeeeyit. If this is what has been going on with the wrestling world lately, why the hell do I still have hangups about watching the melodramatic crap? I mainly shy away from the screaming, yelling, red-faced dudes who are way too big to be filling up a TV screen. But the recent fights/staged showdowns between the Diva wrestlers, AJ Lee and current title-holder, Paige are looking sexy...
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Face Off: Elizabeth Gillies vs. Kat Dennings

Last week's Face Off indicated that the majority of you guys think Scarlett Johansson is the hotter hottie compared to Jennifer Lawrence . The vehemence of the pro-Scarlett crowd would seem to suggest a heavy Black Widow bias. Or perhaps a certain sentimentality toward someone you've admired longer. Either way, you're all clearly wrong. Well, it's almost Halloween again. This seems...
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Battle of the Babes #260: Anne Hathaway vs Emmy Rossum vs Kate Mara

You DAW fans definitely know how to pull it out at just the right time. For awhile there it was looking as if Michelle Trachtenberg had last week's Battle all wrapped up but then the "True Blood" star's fans came out to knock MichT from her 16 vote lead (Hayden Panties didn't do too awful, with 11 votes) and smashed it by casting 19 for the red-headed vamp. This week, I thought we'd go...
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Battle of the Babes #250: Emmy Rossum vs Morena Baccarin vs Mary Louise Parker

I tried my best to give you the best variety of babes from the Starz network original programming and while there was equal appreciation for Lawless and Robertson, it seems that Olga Kurylenko is the babe from Starz you'd rather sparkle with. Now it's time to have a gander at the women of Showtime. Emmy Rossum I have come to understand that Moreno is a huge fan of...
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Battle of the Babes #249: Lucy Lawless vs Kathleen Robertson vs Olga Kurylenko

It seems that the gingers are a ruling class, after watching how Deborah Ann Woll took down the other HBO competition last week, securing herself a place in the semi-finals of the hottest babes on TV. Will the same happen for the redhead this week?Or is it that you prefer your babes darker, older, different kinda lovelier? Kathleen Robertson I cannot say that I am...
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