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Playboy brings a busload of bunnies for their 60th Anniversary

I kind of regret missing out on the days of the Playboy clubs and the bunny waitresses. Sure, I know some thought it was degrading and sexist, but the job itself couldn't have been any worse than Hooters. I'm pretty sure it was the drunken businessmen fondling hotties in bunny outfits during their liquid lunches that did those places in. One more area where rich white guys completely f*cked it...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Celeb Playboy Bunnies

Feliz dia de los conejos! Yeah, that's my gringa Spanish for telling y'all Happy Easter by referring to it as the day of the bunnies. Good thing for you is that I've decided to bump up your usual weekly dose of Sexy Ten Spot and feature a list of the hottest celebrity Playboy bunnies (even if they don't get the ears, they qualify for honorable bunny status by appearing in the magazine). Now for...
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