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Olivia Wilde sets the bar for engagement celebrations to unreachable heights

So while the majority of you were apparently NOT out seeing BURT WONDERSTONE this weekend (a few stills of which can be seen below), the much lusted after Olivia Wilde and her boyfriend Jason Seudeikis just went on living their happy life as an engaged couple. That's the bad news, for those who choose to look at it that way. Hey, no reason to get depressed about that. It's not like any of us...
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This radiant Marie Claire spread officially inaugurates Olivia Wilde week

Look at that - 3 days, 3 Olivia Wilde posts. Don't you just love it when Liv's got a movie coming out? This time around it's Olivia in the pages of Marie Claire, looking like a billion dollars in her various see thru dresses. I don't know about you, but the words "see thru" and "Olivia Wilde" put together always make my day. Unfortunately, recent Olivia news might put a dampener on the kind...
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