Kate Upton strikes a classy chord featuring the two things that made her famous

Here I go again with another set of photos featuring a blonde who's only famous for her oversized rack. Lately though, the busty Kate Upton -- voted most likely to fill out bikini tops in her high school yearbook -- has earned a little of my respect. Not only because it would be so easy for someone like her to go the pop star route and ware the most revealing, attention grabbing...
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Alexandra Daddario warms up the pages of Gotham's winter 2014 issue

While I won't argue that Alexandra Daddario has one of the most amazing bodies in the history of women's bodies when she takes her clothes off, I can't say that I always feel that warmly toward the actress when she's still clothed. There's something sorta... off... about Daddario when you don't have her utterly perfect breasts staring barely at you. Her eyes are wide and odd with a...
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Alison Brie outtakes are good when we can't get any new images of her

Just because I don't personally get the hype over Alison Brie doesn't mean I need to get stingy with the sharing of images of the "Community" actress. While you've all been waiting around for ages and ages for new episodes of the NBC sitcom to return to television, Brie has been laying relatively low, meaning that the best we have for you at this given end-of-the-year time are outtakes from...
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