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Performing for Victoria's Secret brings out Taylor Swift's secret raciness

2014 was the hottest year we've seen from Taylor Swift so far. The singer put out a new album that dedicated itself to being pop rather than saying it was country but really being pop and Swift learned a thing or two from the stylists over at Victoria's Secret when it came to dressing up her usually slender topside. With her latest performance at the fashion show that the lingerie giant...

Shay Mitchell sexes up your grandma's doilies at the Teen Choice Awards

The best thing to happen to white lace since your grandma threw some on the armrests of her sofa is seeing "Pretty Little Liars" star, Shay Mitchell and her racy curves on the red carpet at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. While Mitchell mocked the ceremonies a couple months back after co-star Ashley Benson tweeted about them being boring because they're always the same nominees year after...

Abbie Cornish continues to compel in DT Spain

There really are too many magazines out there in this overtly digital world. While I might be someone who still enjoys the feel and presence of pulp in my hands, I'm starting to feel outnumbered as I watch tablet users in my general surroundings everywhere I go. Sure, I have a Kindle but it's an old model that was given to me from a friend whose ex forgot it at her house and neglected to...

Jamie Chung busts out the black leather bustier for the BCBG Max Fashion Show

I am green with envy when it comes to Jamie Chung . Not only is she super cute, she's been reported to be super nice by the folks I know who have interviewed her and let us not forget that she originally decided to be a cast member on "The Real World" as a means to earn the money to put herself through college, so she's super smart too. She's had great choices with...

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