Sara Jean Underwood continues to make nature into her own sexy playground

If you've paid any attention to our recurring coverage of Sara Jean Underwood's Instagram adventures, you'll know the drill with her. Simply put, she goes out into nature and gets naked or partially naked. It's an unusual approach to spank material, but an effective one. Who would have thought our nation's natural parks would provide such a complementary backdrop to fake boobs and round...
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Elsa Hosk in her underwear is a wonderful thing

Obviously the optimal way to take in Swedish Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk is when she's wearing nothing at all, which is a state of dress she can often be found in. But I'll still take one of her sexy VS underwear spreads in a pinch. VS calls their top models angels as a handy marketing ploy to hype runway antics. But in regard to Elsa, it seems apropos. If I had to pluck someone from...
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Face Off: Carla Gugino vs. Rachel Weisz

No clear winner in last week's Face Off between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jessica Alba . This is probably for the best. Sure, we could go on and on about all their various good points until kingdom come. Yet, in the end, it's always gonna be two insanely hot women anyone would be lucky to have. Best to just leave it at that. Today marks Carla Gugino's 45th birthday. Earlier...
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Bryce Dallas Howard honored John Williams with her ample booty

Using modern day porn parlance, the key acronym to describe Bryce Dallas Howard nowadays would have to be "PAWG." A Google search will update anyone uninformed about what that stands for. She certainly conforms to this particular genre of porn and then some. It's actually quite impressive how thick she's gotten in recent years. She didn't have this ass in JURASSIC WORLD. Something new for...
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The Top 15 Best Ass Shots of 2015

The dawn of 2016 is upon. But before we dive right into a year of unfulfilled New Year's resolutions how bout we take one more tour of the booty battlefield? For a mere few moments of your time, you can reflect on some of the best examples of capturing the female ass our global society has to offer. 2015 has been an incredible journey of exploring countless numbers of celebrity crevices....
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Enjoy more of Scarlett Johansson's boobs in Vanity Fair

I posted some pics of Scarlett Johansson doing this Vanity Fair spread months ago. Those were some nice pics. However, as is usually the case, they just came out with the full set of photos from that shoot, minus all the text shit they slap all over them in the magazine and adding in some extra doses of Scarlett's big cleavage goodness. Sounds like a plenty good reason to double post some...
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Maria Menounos shares her red hot secrets

Unfortunately for us, the secrets Maria Menounos chose to share in NYC weren't the kind I'm sure we'd like. Instead, she was doing some kind of yoga shit with pool brushes to demonstrate how she stays fit. She did do this in tights though, which is nice. But then no one got a decent shot of her ass in those tights, which was unfortunate again. What the hell is that about? She's in New York...
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Kate Upton's naked, painted body in 360 degrees

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the owner of these images didn't want them shared with the world, so they asked us to remove them from this article, which we have. Sorry folks! Well here it is, the closest you're going to get to a naked Kate Upton at the current moment. These are some kind of test photos for the body paint she wore in her spread for Sports Illustrated earlier in the...
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