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The Top Ten Sexiest Movie & TV Lesbians

In a not all that surprising move last Friday, actress Ellen Page came out as a lesbian at the Human Rights Time to Thrive Campaign in Las Vegas. I say it's not surprising because even Page admitted in her speech that she was "lying by omission," suggesting that she felt her fans were aware of her proclivity for the womenfolk without her really needing the "I'M GAY" proclamation. With so many...
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Ashley Greene rocks the cleavage on SoCal beaches for the Russians

No idea what all that Cyrillic says on the cover of August's GQ Russia, which features the lovely Ashley Greene . Probably the same kind of inane shit the English version says. Anyway, who cares? It's Ashley and boobs and Corvettes and nice beaches. That looks a lot like a Southern California beach though. Shouldn't these versions of popular magazines be shot in their respective locations?...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Olivia Wilde

With the JoBlo Movie Podcast's Hottie March Madness tournament coming to the end I've decided to celebrate my pick from the start - the lovely miss Olivia Wilde! From the start she was my pick to win it all the and gorgeous actress is still standing strong in the Final Four. For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we've got Wilde as a stripper in the recent comedy BUTTER as well as a...
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Olivia Wilde grants our wishes, dresses as a showgirl

Vanity Fair is known for their ability to blackmail just about any celebrity they damn-well please into joining one of their popular group photoshoots. Coming up is the magazine's "2013 Hollywood Issue" (I thought "Hollywood" was sort an ongoing theme to that magazine, but okay, whatever. Moving on…), which will feature big name celebrities like Ben Affleck, Emma Stone and Bradley...
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