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Those million dollar paychecks really help keep Kaley Cuoco in Shape

Even though I'm aware that she's been happily married to that tennis player for nearly 3 years now (an eternity in Hollywood years), you're still not going to convince me to hyphenate an actress' name. Kaley Cuoco might not always be the +Sweeting lady that she wants us to refer to her as but she's poised to be one of the fittest women in the TV game for a long time. Those million dollar an...

Leann Rimes sells her country soul for Garnier hair products

There's a poor joke about how country bumpkin chicks are all butterfaces because they (and their gene contributors) have been raised on moonshine. It's a simple and stupid joke but for whatever reason it sticks in my head when I see images of Leann Rimes . I actually don't find her to be a butterface or ugly at all but I feel like I should call her a guilty pleasure hottie because most...

Claudia Romani finally makes showing off her ass pay

If you've paid attention to any of the stories we've done over the last few months, you'll have noticed that model (?) Claudia Romani has been quite literally spending the last couple months walking around on Miami beaches in bikinis. Makes you wonder what it is that she does that allows her so much free time and money to just hang around on a beach for months at a time. Apparently this...


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