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Charisma Carpenter was a busty drink of water at the 7th Annual Thirst Gala

It's weird to me to look up and discover that Cordelia, aka Charisma Carpenter will be turning 46-years old next month, perhaps because I truly believed that she was hottest teenager on Earth back when she was roaming the Buffy sets. I don't know whether to congratulate her on looking so good for so long or be sad that it means I'm getting older as well. Carpenter is less well known for her...
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Abigail Breslin gives Ariel Winter a run for her big boobied money

Much like the entire world, I love me some good boobs. I'm not particular - they can be big, small, athletic, adorned with giant areolas, nipples pierced, tattooed, all that good stuff. There are some ugly boobs out there in the world but boobs are like pizza; Even when they're bad, they're still edible. Abigail Breslin has a top-notch set of breasts that grew in early on (anyone remember...
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Ain't nothing funny about how hot Hunter King was at Elle's Comedy event

Whenever the paparazzi world becomes obsessed with certain actresses, we're flooded with images of them everywhere, from the airport to a coffee run, beaches both candid and deliberate, red carpets and covers of magazines we've never even heard of. I'm wondering what the hell it's going to take to get those same people wound up about Hunter King (also known as Hunter Haley King, but who's...
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Renee Olstead airing out the twins; Thank you

For those of you that actually give two shites about my tendencies towards Hollywood's sexiest females, you're aware I don't shy away from the unknown. In fact I go at it head on - because who doesn't get excited at the sight of undiscovered sexiness? Such is the case with Renee Olstead ; a buxum vixen I'm just recently becoming acquainted with. I don't know much,...
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Sexy TwitPics: Abigail Ratchford

While there was certainly some friction, last week's round-up of TwitPics brought to us by Lindsey Pelas seemed to be favored by the majority of schmoes. This week, we'll be soothing our eyeballs with the social media tomfoolery of yet another, uhm, "genetically gifted" model, Abigail Ratchford .  This buxom brunette has been busting out on this...
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Sexy TwitPics: Lindsey Pelas

If you tend to dig hotties who take a more modest approach to their social media shenanigans, this week's TwitPic gallery is not for you, so you might as well turn back and go watch "Downton Abbey" or something. Our featured tweet-oholic this time around is a full-time, full-figured model by the name of Lindsey Pelas ... Ain't nothin' subtle about...
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Flashback Friday: What can you say about Anna Nicole Smith?

You could say a lot of things about Anna Nicole Smith . Annoying? Yeah. Dumb as a bag of hammers? Yep. Most people remember her for those things and maybe the circumstances of her untimely death, if they remember her at all. They forget that, back in the early 90s, Anna Nicole was giving the whole world boners, serving as an early version of Kate Upton or Christina Hendricks . And...
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Helen Flanagan dresses up as a sexy Mrs Claus for PETA

It was too cold on the cobbles in Covent Garden for Helen Flanagan to pose in her skivvies and drumsticks but the cute little red and white Santa's Ho-lper outfit was just right for promoting another one of PETA's agendas - the insistence that we all should refrain from buying Xmas gifts which include fur. Because I was planning on going all Oprah on my family this year. "And YOU get a...
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Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis poses provocatively for photographer Anthony Quinn

There are certain things which are all-American institutions. Rick Rubin and how he's still more badass than Eminem, Maury yelling out "You are NOT the father!" and a woman running off his stage, and beautiful women with large breasts getting attention for being sexy tough girls. Former WWE Diva, Maria Kanellis is one of them and if you recall, one of the Top Ten hottest ones of all time....
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