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Malin Akerman in that dress is one orange I'd love to peel

I really like Malin Akerman a whole lot. She just seems really sweet and kind and nice and sincere and warm-hearted and I wanna touch her hair. I know that all creepy and weird, but it's how I feel, alright? One of the reasons she seems like a good natured chick to me is her appearance here at a good-cause kind of party. Most of the parties I go to involve Pokemon cards or stealing cake...

We thank you for being so stunningly perfect, Emmy Rossum

It took me awhile to warm up to Emmy Rossum , I won't even begin to lie. While I could never have denied that she was a stunning beauty, I had trouble reconciling her with being more than just a (really, ridiculously) good looking brunette. One, I have to say, didn't win any points for being a girlfriend of that Counting Crows dude who seems to bed all of the hot actresses in...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead walks for fashion

Ughhh, all this fashion show shit. It's just one after another with these things, all angling for celebs like Mary Elizabeth Winstead to come out and look pretty next to whatever they're hocking. This "event," called the Rodeo Drive Walk of Fashion, was giving BVLGARI a nice stroking for their overpriced crap. Getting a look at beauties like Mary is about the only reason I can think of for...

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