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Emily Ratajkowski's flashes of skin heat up the pages of C magazine

If only C magazine had gotten some whisper thin gauzy dress for Emily Ratajkowski to wear in this photoshoot, those headlights of hers might have given us an even better clue as to how cold she was during this ocean-side beach spread. I'm guessing they Photoshopped out the gooseflesh that had to have been on her bare shoulders and back in a few of these shots of her in these sparkly gowns,...
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Just in case you didn't already know, Kate Beckinsale is crazy hot

If you didn't already know Kate Beckinsale was a stunning beauty, first off what's wrong with you? You clearly need to check out more spreads like this one Kate did for C Magazine and enlighten yourself. What is it about Kate that works so well? She's in that small group of women who hit that sweet spot and do everything the way I would have them do it. Not a thing I would ever change about...
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Jessica Alba is a total C word for C Magazine

Not the C word that some of you might be thinking. It's been a long time for me, seeing Jessica Alba looking like a complete Cutie for a magazine shoot. I understand that the mother of two was going for something along the lines of her previous sexiness, but I find these images to convey a vulnerability to her that she hasn't put on display since her "Dark Angel" days. No focus on body...
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