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Face Off: Maggie Grace vs. Emilie de Ravin

Despite some spirited hate and love being shown for both Alexandra Daddario and Eva Green alike in last week's Face Off, you guys still managed to voice hatred and love in equal measure. You know what that means? Yep, nude Eva and Alexandra baby oil fight for the hottest hottie prize. We'll bring that to you as soon as it never happens. We're getting a third TAKEN movie this...
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Face Off: Hayden Panettiere vs. Camilla Luddington

AnnaSophia Robb took the prize in last week's Face Off over Vanessa Hudgens . I'm not gonna argue with that. Sounds about right to me. This week is Camilla Luddington's birthday. And it just so happens that this last week welcomed the birthday of Hayden Panettiere's first baby. Yeah, that's a flimsy basis for comparison, but these two do actually have a number of legitimate...
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Hot or Not: Carla Gallo

The majority of you are fans of Gillian Jacobs and her hotness, perhaps not to the degree that I love her but you're all pretty certain that she's a babe. Perhaps this week will be a harder to determine decision, due in part to this babe being a character actress whom you've seen in everything but might not remember at first name glance. Carla Gallo Bloody hell it was...
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Addison Timlin jumps from Californication to the pages of Esquire

I'm not completely sure how I feel about Addison Timlin . I wish these pictures of the 22-year old Philly native were better - it seems as if the normally on-the-ball people over at Esquire dropped it when they did the photoshoot with her. Sure, Addison is in her underwear and there's plenty of skin to be see, and perhaps it's just me who sees the flaws with the filters or whatever they were...
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Flashback Friday: Remember Mädchen Amick?

There are a few hotties who I will always associate with the 90s. They're the ones who take me back to those bygone days of flannel and baggy jeans whenever I see them again. One of my favorites from that group of hotties is the enchanting Mädchen Amick . While perhaps not the biggest name anymore and only moderately well known in her day, she will always be goddess in my eyes. Mädchen...
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