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Even Pacino's 18-year old step daughter Camila Morrone is getting Baywatch fever

The fingers of Hollywood nepotism reach far and wide. I'd never heard of Camila Morrone before stumbling upon her recent photoshoot where she's styled as if ready to bound between Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario as they shoot the current BAYWATCH movie (sure to be far better in the pre-release pics we've found than the post-release fizzle sure to go down). Apparently her mama, one Lucila Sola...
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It's friggin' cold, so here's hottie Camila Morrone in a bikini for some warm weather reminiscing

It's freezing outside right now out where I am in California. That probably makes my countrymen out in the midwest and eastern states laugh as I lament the 40 degree days and 20 degree nights. That's like spring weather for some states. We don't get down into those temps much here. We're just not used to that shit so everyone is staying inside, including many of the hotties we usually cover...
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Here's Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini

I've heard a few people commenting around the interwebs about Vanessa Hudgens' friend with whom she's currently vacationing in Ischia. You might have noticed her in our previous bikini post featuring Vanessa and friends. Here are some clearer views of this blonde beauty from Vanessa's Instagram: Her name is Camila Morrone and not surprisingly, she's a model....
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